After an initial estimated quote is signed & accepted, we schedule one appointment for templating and another appointment for installation of your future countertops. An in-home inspection is performed to verify the layout, measurements, and any special installation that may be required. Depending on the size of the kitchen, bath, etc., this process usually does not take longer than a couple of hours. The decision maker should be present throughout the entire templating process.

Please inform the template specialist about every detail about the project. Once the templates are completed and fabrication of the natural stone countertop have begun, it is impossible to make any changes.

NOTE: We require 50% payment of the initial estimate at the time of your order. The final price will be adjusted after templating and/or installation has been completed.


Installation will be scheduled in advance. Countertops should be removed before installation date, unless disclosed in the purchase agreement. Sinks and electric/gas stoves must be disconnected. Clean all cabinet drawers of cookware and other kitchen utensils. In order to achieve higher quality, in some cases, drop-in sinks, stoves may be required on jobsite. There will be limited noise.


Stone is not a flexible material. Therefore, countertops that are surrounded by walls and full backsplashes may cause wall/cabinet scrapes, small punctures or digs. Installation professionals will do their best to avoid any of the imperfections indicated above.


The conjunction between two countertop pieces. Installation crew will match the seam color closest to the stone/slab color. However, they will still be slightly visible.


In situations where the exact size of the backsplash is unknown, due to different circumstances (backsplashes are surrounded by the top bar or other objects) will be installed at a later date after the countertops are installed. Also, full backsplashes in many cases will require a later date for installation.


We will clean the area to the best of our abilities. However, countertop installation is a remodeling process and there should be expected to be some dust. Final payment will be due upon completion of the project. We deeply appreciate your collaboration.

Shall you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.