Quartzite | Durability & Beauty

At Show Me Granite, we specialize in providing high-quality quartzite for your kitchen and bathroom countertops. Quartzite is an ideal choice for adding a touch of richness and luster to your home, with its range of shades from earthy tones to vibrant pastels. The natural beauty of quartzite, characterized by its flowing veins, ensures that each countertop is uniquely stunning.

Quartzite's appeal lies not only in its aesthetic qualities but also in its durability. As a natural stone, it stands up exceptionally well to the demands of kitchen use and is an excellent option for outdoor surfaces. Its resistance to UV rays means that its brilliant colors won't fade, even with prolonged sun exposure.

To maintain the pristine condition of quartzite surfaces, we recommend sealing them to protect against stains. This simple maintenance step ensures that your quartzite countertops remain as beautiful as the day they were installed.

Choose Show Me Granite for your quartzite countertop needs, and experience the perfect blend of nature's durability and elegance. Our team is ready to assist you in selecting the ideal quartzite to complement your home's style and to provide professional installation that brings lasting beauty to your space. Contact us to explore the unique charm and resilience of quartzite countertops.

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